Name Night

Name Night started at our parent bar, No Idea, in 1992. Since then, countless people have thought that they deserve this. They do not. And you do not. Understanding this can make Name Night a great experience.

How does it work? If your name is on the calendar we let you drink One Star Ale or Lite, house mixed drinks or wine for $1. Total. (Yup, that's how we get you: we hint that it's free, then charge $1 for the cup.) Name Night goes from 6-10 (6-11 on Saturday). All we ask is you bring friends (plural), tip the bartender (often) and keep your drinks to yourself.

So get on our mailing list and check the calendar. The best way to be chosen is to meet us in person. You can also email a request, but it better be creative. If you request Name Night for your own birthday or mention your name never being on key chains you will be mocked.